The 8(a) Impact

The US Small Business Administration’s 8(a) program is designed to help small businesses succeed in the competitive world of government contracting. However, many past participants complain that while the program itself is deemed wildly successful, far too few program participants are prepared to compete successfully after graduating. 

Last year, Eddy Communications Corporation set out to study this issue. We are now pleased to release an in depth report of our findings where we identify the key attitudinal and behavioral differences between those that most successfully leverage 8(a) program participation, and those that feel the investment in 8(a) certification was less than worthwhile. The attached research report provides:

  • 8 Recommendations for Achieving the Most Value from 8(a) Certification
  • Cross-industry Program Participant Benchmarks
  • Prioritized Activities to Prepare for a Successful Graduation

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The 8(a) Impact

SBA 8(a) program graduates share their experiences navigating the Federal Market

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