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Here's what our clients have been saying.

“The quality of what you produce is just phenomenal.”

“Thank you and your entire team for the amazing work.  Everybody is BLOWN away by the results.”

“Less than a year [after originally hiring Eddy Communications}, we hardly make a strategic move without running it by our advisors at EddyComm. They have quickly become our “Ace in the Hole” and I can’t imagine our business without them.”

“Eddy Communications Corporation came in at the right time, with the right team, to help us get to market quickly, strategically and effectively. Their commitment to excellence and keen industry insights have helped Acuity re-establish ourselves to the market and better demonstrate our position as a leading Prime Contractor.”

“After fifteen years in business, we felt it was time for a complete brand refresh. Eddy Communications handled everything for us from start to finish from the logo design to the Web site launch.”

“I’ve called on the Eddy Communications team to develop videos and design promotion materials from brochures to ads, to booth designs. They’ve had equal success in each arena.”

“We are so thankful that the team at Eddy Communications has used their gifts and talents to help us increase awareness of human trafficking in our country and community.  Eddy Communications designed a series of eye-catching and educational billboards that we are using to increase issue awareness and actionable compassion all across Southwest Virginia.”

“We hired Eddy Communications to help us create high-end, compelling, and professional content to populate our new site and represent the continuing evolution of our company.  They offered a great mix of available talent, all with a deep understanding of both the art and science of marketing communications strategy.”

“I’ll never get more in my budget because we did this one so successfully on a ‘bake sale budget’!! Thanking the Lord above for you!”

“Not only was the end product what we wanted and hoped for, but the process of getting to that point was focused and effective. And now we feel that we have a new look and a new identity that truly reflects our company.”

“I originally began working with Eddy Communications on the recommendation of one of my colleagues but have quickly grown to see them as a strategic part of my program execution toolkit.”

“They understand the complexities of working in a matrixed environment and demonstrate a commitment to client satisfaction that is hard to come by – never closing a project until they are sure everyone is pleased with the final result.”

“Eddy Communications consistently delivers high quality results on a timeline.”

“You really are the BEST. I thought so, but now you’ve proved it! Wow.”

“I wanted to thank you both for all your effort and hard work in making this [interview] happen!  It was AWESOME!! Couldn’t have happened without you!”

“I partnered with Eddy Communications for their marketing expertise to promote one of our programs – Solarize Montgomery – and I estimate we have captured 30% more leads and counting since partnering.”

“Thanks so much for your time and energy with our project. It has been a real joy to work with you!”

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