Strategic Planning

While most leaders intend to do things “the right way,” conflicting priorities and competing demands take even the most disciplined executives off track. To get where you want to go, you’ll need a clear focus, a motivated team and an actionable plan. By taking the the time to refine your vision, align your team, understand changes to your market and competitive position, you enable your team to:

  • Innovate more effectively
  • Make more efficient decisions
  • Allocate resources to priority areas of focus

Additionally, its easier to measure success when everyone agrees on where you want to go. Eddy Communications offers experienced executive facilitators, proven methodologies, audience appropriate activity planning, and custom designed programs to help companies like yours achieve directional consensus across your leadership ranks. We’ll help your team develop actionable, effective, and detailed growth strategies, focus resources and strengthen operations to facilitate a process whereby all stakeholders can work toward a common, clear, and fully measurable goal set.

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Learn More About Strategic Planning

  • Yes, You’re Ready to do Strategic Planning – (INC. Magazine) “Though the primary purpose of a strategic plan is to help you chart the smartest possible path to growth, there are other benefits. A good plan ensures that every member of your senior team is working toward the same goals, and helps you be smarter about budgeting, hiring, resource allocation, and succession planning.”
  • Bringing Science to the Art of Strategy (Harvard Business Review) “Many managers feel they are doomed to weigh the futile rigor of ordinary strategic planning processes against the hit-or-miss creativity of the alternatives. We believe the two can be reconciled to produce creative but realistic strategies.”
  • Why You Should Revisit your 5-Year Plan – (Lifehacker) “Five years is long, but not too long. It’s far enough in the future that you have time to lay down tracks that will take you to significant milestones and achievements, but not so far that you can procrastinate on them… You have to tap into your imagination and be bold enough to envision and commit to the life you want and set out a detailed plan to make that life a reality.”
  • The Big Lie of Strategic Planning – (Harvard Business Review) “True strategy is about placing bets and making hard choices. The objective is not to eliminate risk but to increase the odds of success.”

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