Strategic Planning

What good is speed to market if you disagree on where you’re headed? Eddy Communications can help you align your leadership, develop actionable plans and then get you where you want to go.

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Your Brand is what people talk about when you are not in the room. Do you know what they are saying? Is it something you’d want to hear? Either way, it matters. Make every impression count.

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Lead Generation

To generate leads you must first understand where your pipeline has holes. Let us evaluate your market, assess your position, strengthen your infrastructure, and help you scale to meet increasing demand.

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Online, In Print, Out of Home, or via Broadcast – Eddy Communications delivers proven solutions with modern efficiency and measurable impact. Let us help you get the right message to the right people at the right time through the most efficient channels.

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Content Development

What you think doesn’t matter if no one’s listening. Are your firm’s recommendations even being heard? In today’s environment, you need a robust content creation and amplification strategy. Earn better qualified leads, increase credibility and capture demand.

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Graphic Design

Does your dress match your shoes? How your organization looks (in print, on the web, through broadcast, and in person) matters more than most executives want to admit. Make sure your logo, website and content are all dressed for success.

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Websites & Social Media

No matter how they find you, you want them to take action. Your internet presence is your most valuable resource. It is your firm’s first impression, your most talkative and trusted employee, your cheapest and most valuable real estate, and the central intersection between current customers, future clients, potential partners, and organizational success and failure. Do it right.

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SEO & Paid Search

Are your targets able to find you? How many competitors do they encounter along the way? Using Applied Search Engine Optimization and Paid Search Marketing techniques you can capture your audience’s attention and drive them to your content when they are ready to act… and before your competition or another meme can snatch them away.

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Analytics & Data Driven Decisioning

Actionable insights start with meaningful information. Eddy Communications can help you decide what to measure and how so there is never any doubt about who works for whom. Make your data work for you. Learn more.

Sales Process Maturation

If your sales team has been operating the same way for years, you are in trouble. Using proven industry-specific best practices and technological advancements in marketing automation, customer relationship management and sales process automation you can streamline your procedures and reap the rewards of doing significantly more with significantly less.

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Employee Training

Imagine if every employee knew how to sell your organization, deliver your message, and differentiate your brand as well as you — Higher Engagement, Greater Efficiency, Lower turn-over. And that’s just to start. Eddy Communications makes it fun and makes sure it works.

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Customer Relationship Management

No one wants to deal with a company that feels disorganized. As you scale, make sure your team stays coordinated so your customers won’t have to bear the growing pains. Organize, automate and synchronize your sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support so every interaction encourages your next referral.

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