Supply Chain

Telestration Video

Public Issue Awareness / Public Service Advertising (PSA)

“[The Eddy Communications Team] understand the complexities of working in a matrixed environment and demonstrate a commitment to client satisfaction that is hard to come by – never closing a project until they are sure everyone is pleased with the final result.”

Client: Genpact (NYSE: G) For-profit Consulting, Headquartered Hamilton, Bermuda

Project Goals: Increase differentiation around their supply chain management solutions and consulting services

EddyComm’s Role: Developed and produced a 5 minute live-action telestration to showcase Genpact’s unique approach to Supply Chain Management Results: Video offered a digestible showcase of technical concepts in an easy to understand, entertaining and enjoyable format. The client used this video as an online and in person traffic driver for events and new client meetings.

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