PROVEN Management Website Redesign

Business to Government & Business to Business Audience

Content Development, Search Engine Optimization, Design Consulting

“Less than a year , we hardly make a strategic move without running it by our advisors at EddyComm. They have quickly become our “Ace in the Hole” and I can’t imagine our business without them.” ~ Denita R. Conway, President Proven Management, LLC

Client: PROVEN Management – Corporate, Greenbelt MD

Project Goals: Create a website that reflects the professionalism and experience of the rapidly growing firm, reach prospective new clients earlier in their move planning / needs assessment process

EddyComm’s Role: Eddy Communications was asked to come on board to research competitive representation, consult on website design, select appropriate imagery and develop search engine optimized content

Results: Our client now has a website that they are proud to direct new contacts to. Organic traffic is increasing and they are looking ahead to launch a content marketing campaign that builds upon the inbound marketing platform we helped them develop.

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