Street Ransom Domestic Human Trafficking Awareness

Regional Billboard Campaign

Public Issue Awareness / Public Service Advertising (PSA)

“We are so thankful that the team at Eddy Communications has used their gifts and talents to help us increase awareness of human trafficking in our country and community. Eddy Communications designed a series of eye-catching and educational billboards that we are using to increase issue awareness and actionable compassion all across Southwest Virginia.”

~ Keith Farmer, Director, Street Ransom

Client: Street Ransom – Non-profit, Roanoke VA Project Goals: Increase awareness of the issue of Domestic Human Trafficking, promote associated support hotline and text line system EddyComm’s Role: Designed and custom developed 5 designs for a 30 billboard regional campaign as a pro-bono project to help a new non-profit organization¬†establish name and mission recognition. Results:¬†Billboards have been seen all across southwest Virginia¬†since they went live in Sept. of 2014. Street Ransom is nearly 1/3 of the way to reaching their first 5-year fundraising goal and the partnership between Street Ransom and Eddy Communications is stronger than ever. Recently, Street Ransom called on the Eddy Communications Team to help design graphics for t-shirts and a custom built motorcycle which they are using to tour national car, bike, and community events to promote Domestic Human Trafficking Awareness, education and community response opportunities. Next, we are helping build out a major donor toolkit and recruitment materials.

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