Military Marketing

The military market is big, mature, reliable and influential.

At nearly 8M strong, the US military market could be considered America’s second largest city. This close knit community has personal buying power of $200B annually and manages more than $500B in professional expenditures each year.

Service members are centrally located in distinct military communities self-segregated by professional skill type, area of interest and sometimes seniority. Effectively reaching these customers is often more cost effective and more beneficial than any other approach to increasing your brand’s success, influence and bottom line.

However, the military community has a culture all its own. Military bases have strict rules and regulations about how companies can market to their employees, and who they are allowed to market to – few channels effectively reach the busy professionals who live, work, and breathe military service. Soldiers and their families are intensely loyal, often self-regulating, and intently plan their purchases to support the companies that proactively support their mission and clearly communicate that they understand the military way of life.

Eddy Communications helps clients evaluate and reach the military market using the integrated campaigns, contextually appropriate creative and proprietary placement channels that deliver measurable and meaningful results.

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