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Demand Generation Services

To generate leads you must first understand where your pipeline breaks down. Let us help you evaluate your market, assess your position, strengthen your infrastructure, and support your increasing demand. The Eddy Communications Team has the tools and techniques to drive consumer interest and demand. We use:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Paid Search
  • Inside Sales
  • Content Marketing
  • and so much more

Whether your goal is to build a new market prospect list or drive new sales, our team can help you create and manage an effective campaign that leverages economies of scale and drives awareness, increases consideration, and influences action across your target audience. Let us show you an easier way to generate profit and keep your business growing.

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  • You’re Doing It Wrong: Demand Generation – (Forbes) “None of this conventional wisdom is at all attuned to the underlying, but deeply powerful consensus and group dynamics of the typical B2B purchase…It all stems from a mental model of the purchase in which Marketing senses individual willingness to buy, and then passes leads to Sales to work the broader customer buying group and close the deal.”
  • Social Media Lead Generation(B2C Infographic) “Since 2010 social media has been the leading emerging channel for lead generation… 20% of business users have replaced email with social networking sites as their primary mode of interpersonal communication.”
  • Turn your blog into a lead-generation hub (Westfair Communications) “Converting your business’ blog into a lead-generation hub doesn’t happen overnight. It requires a carefully-planned content strategy, a keen understanding of your sales cycle and a commitment to consistently producing high-quality content that will resonate with Web-surfing target audiences and inspire action.”

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