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What you think doesn’t matter if no one’s listening. Are your firm’s recommendations even being heard? In today’s environment, you need a robust content creation and amplification strategy.

  • Earn better qualified leads
  • Increase credibility
  • Capture demand

Eddy Communications would love to help! From start to completion, The Eddy Team can help plan your editorial calendar, assist with research, write, organize, edit, publish, and syndicate your content to drive awareness, generate new business, and promote your organization’s thought leadership.

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  • What Makes Online Content Viral? – (University of Pennsylvania Article) “The results indicate that positive content is more viral than negative content, but the relationship between emotion and social transmission is more complex than valence alone. Virality is partially driven by physiological arousal.”
  • The Content Marketing Revolution – (Harvard Business Review Article) “The content marketing revolution signals more than a mere marketing fad. It marks an important new chapter in the history of business communications: the era of corporate enlightenment.”

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