Citizen Outreach

Great communities start with regular people – with ideas, passion and the grit required to change the world.

By applying the science and art of sociology, psychology and marketing, Eddy Communications offers actionable plans, manageable campaigns and measurable results for government organizations, civic groups, neighborhood associations and other entities interested in developing community, expanding economic infrastructure and advancing society.

The Team at Eddy Communications is deeply committed to economic and community development and proactively partners with community leaders to build awareness, respond to opportunity, plan growth, measure interest/success, and drive new opportunities. From events to programs and arts to volunteerism, we are passionate about applying the science of marketing to give new ideas the opportunity to flourish.

It’s simple really – Civic engagement is good for everyone. From increased property values to fewer risky behaviors in at risk populations, anyone with a good idea and the discipline to bring it to life can make their community a better place to live. Want to see what we can do to help your program?

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