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Contrary to what many unscrupulous marketers may try to convince you, BtoG marketing is not just BtoB marketing with a patriotic flair. In fact, the U.S. Federal government is the world’s biggest customer. When the economy slows, state, local and federal entities typically spend more. Adding government clients to your customer portfolio is a way to increase stability and improve profitability.

Whether you are targeting Federal, State, or local public sector agencies, you need to understand the ways in which your target customers research, negotiate and buy your specific category of product or service.

Once the basics are in order, you must find creative, compliant, ethical and effective ways to communicate your company’s value consistently across highly regulated channels. Differentiation is critical in a procurement process that formally attempts to standardize proposal evaluations and negotiate the lowest cost while consistently choosing the best value providers; it’s complex, but the rewards are clear. Government procurement officers often write purchase orders that allocate millions of dollars at a time, even for small ticket commodity items. And, the winners win big.

The Team at Eddy Communications understands these processes and this stakeholder community thoroughly, and is frequently called on to advise large and small companies alike on best practices and performance optimization in this unique setting. From public relations to RFPs, GWAC promotion to customer case study approvals, Eddy Communications offers unparalleled technical guidance, executive support, and first hand experience navigating the complex but highly profitable world of government contracting. With a scientific and business-minded approach to marketing, we provide proven, strategic, and highly valuable resources to help you increase win rates and lower your cost of government sales.

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