Analytics & Data Driven Decisioning

Make your data work for you.  Actionable insights start with meaningful information. Eddy Communications can help you decide what to measure, and how, so there is never any doubt about who works for whom.

Before making decisions for your business, it is imperative to have all the information…and that’s where the Eddy Team comes in. We will test, measure, track and investigate all avenues so you are able to make the most beneficial decisions for your business.

Our team of experienced professionals will help determine the best plan of action, helping ensure you make the best decisions possible. We will provide measurable and meaningful metrics that allow you to look at all the possibilities before taking the next steps in your business plan.

We can take the lead and simplify the process for you. Let us give you some ideas and solutions to help your business move forward with guaranteed results. 

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  • 11 Best Web Analytics Tools – (INC. Magazine Article) “When considering the different web analytics tools that your business requires, the plethora of available options can be overwhelming for businesses that may not understand how to use them. And that’s where hiring someone to really dig into all of the reports can be vital.”
  • Big Data: Does Size Really Matter? (Wired Magazine Article) “The trick to data, then, is not making it purely colossal and automated, but instead figuring out what data you need to make customers happy and boost revenue.”
  • Delivering on the Promise of Digital Transformation – (Harvard Business Review Article) “Rapid shifts in the ways that technology and information are consumed and delivered – through cloud computing, big data, social networking, and smart devices – are transforming how companies compete…When fully deployed, these technologies will move most organizations to a new operating foundation…”
  • Making Advanced Analytics Work for You – (Harvard Business Review Article) “But rather than undertaking massive overhauls of their companies, executives should concentrate on targeted efforts to source data, build models, and transform the organizational culture…As more companies learn the core skills of using big data, building superior capabilities may soon become a decisive competitive asset.”
  • Data Scientist: The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century – (Harvard Business Review Article) “If capitalizing on big data depends on hiring scarce data scientists, then the challenge for managers is to learn how to identify that talent, attract it to an enterprise, and make it productive.”

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