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A full service marketing strategy and growth management consulting firm, Eddy Communications is focused on impactful message development and delivery. From traditional advertising to social media, public relations to proposal writing, we’ll take a holistic look at your industry, your goals, and your audience and help you plan, prioritize, manage, and measure each and every marketing effort against your big picture objectives. Impact your audience, grow your business, and proactively drive the outcomes you seek. Maximize every dollar you spend. Learn more.

Business to Business Marketing Strategy

We help clients build effective, integrated marketing strategies rooted in quality content and aligned to their proprietary sales methodologies and resource plans. It’s a critical differentiator for us because today’s business buyers are more sophisticated than ever before… they show up informed and look for reasons to walk away. That’s why we share best practices and the highly researched performance optimization methods used by the most successful firms and work hard to deliver sophisticated strategies that work for each client’s unique market and proprietary growth objectives.

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Business to Government

State and federal contracts represent tremendous potential for growth, but the terrain is complex. Unique procurement processes, strict accounting (and ethics) regulations, a hierarchy of special set-aside programs, an ever-changing contract vehicle and competitive landscape and unitelligable acronyms often make success elusive. Eddy Communications clients cut through the chaos with the strategic guidance of experienced government marketers who have helped clients win millions of dollars from federal, state, and local contracts. The Eddy Communications team helps clients streamline operations for sustainable success. 

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Business to Consumer Marketing Strategy

When you are selling to the individual buyer, you rely on heavy lead generation and predictable conversion rates. Our solutions drive demand, convert leads and nurture relationships while helping clients scale their operations and mobilize for more efficient long-term growth. With modern processes, proven techniques, and a careful attention to current client size (and budget), short and long-term growth goals, and well-tested marketing strategy, we help clients find more ways to generate more with less. 

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Citizen Outreach, Events & Promotion

Sometimes what you want to promote isn’t a product or service – it’s an idea, an opportunity, or a behavior. Whether you are running a PSA campaign, announcing a new service, or running for elected office, the Eddy Communications team can help you maximize reach, increase message retention, drive preference, and build campaign sustainability while delivering the meaningful metrics that matter most for your desired end-result.

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By aligning to your mission, culture, and objectives, we build custom growth strategies that help our clients get where they want to go. Every plan is built in a measurable and modular way to maximize investment, flexibility, and impact. After all, measurable results don’t just happen.

By helping our clients focus on the discipline and the tools needed to meet their objectives, we carefully apply the sound principles of high performance. Whether you’re researching a new market, developing sales collateral, positioning a new executive, documenting a case study, preparing for an event, building a website, or launching a new ad campaign, Eddy Communications can help you mature your organization’s reputation and drive meaningful and measurable results – one success at a time.

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